Cancer Care


A place of retreat for those living with cancer, their loved ones, and caretakers. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a place of retreat for people living with a diagnosis of cancer, their loved ones, and their caretakers. We are committed to providing an atmosphere of professional yet compassionate care, comfort, and relaxation, striving to create both a physical and emotional improvement in well-being. It is our goal to support you through your journey by creating a respite of relaxation and renewal – a healing escape from the challenges of living with cancer and its treatments.

A Word About Our Services

Through specialized training we have mastered techniques that maximize the healing power of touch to remove the physical stress that is held in muscle tissue. Customized light to deep touch massage provides safe and beneficial therapy for individuals living with cancer.  Additionally, we provide an extensive menu of services that offer specific benefits to various complications of cancer and its treatment.

The following is an excerpt from a clinical summary by Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center:

“Massage increases circulation and promotes relaxation. In addition, it has important emotional and psychological benefits. Recent studies have shown that massage can alleviate symptoms such as stress/anxiety, nausea, insomnia, pain, fatigue, and depression in cancer patients. There is also data which suggests that massage can reduce psychological and neurological complications associated with bone marrow transplantation. In other studies, reflexology (foot massage) was found to alleviate pain and nausea in cancer patients.

Reflexology involves massaging specific areas (reflex points) on the hands or feet that are believed to correspond to particular regions in the body. There is also preliminary data indicating that post-operative arm massage can decrease pain and discomfort after lymph node dissection. Other studies suggest that manual lymphatic drainage or MLD, which involves specialized light rhythmic massage, can reduce lymphedema in breast cancer patients. Massage is generally safe and being increasingly used as a complementary therapy to provide relief from certain symptoms of cancer and other illnesses. However, patients suffering from cancer, heart disease or arthritis should consult a qualified massage therapist for treatment.”

Specialized Spa Services

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Stimulates lymphatic system to help promote and eliminate toxins from the body & increase immune system. It soothes and relaxes, and is an excellent choice for relieving the pain and swelling of sinusitis, lymphedema, swollen ankles, pre & post surgery. 

  • 15-60 minutes  $20 to $65      

Myofascial Release

Long, stretching strokes are utilized to release muscular tensions.  It is manipulative in nature & seeks to rebalance the body by releasing tension in the fascia. 

  • 30 minutes  $35
  • 60 minutes  $65  

Swedish Massage 

Hands-on therapy to ease aches and pains, and helps body’s own healing powers.  It relieves stress, reduces anxiety level, improves flexibility, and improves blood & lymphatic circulation. 

  • 30 minutes  $35       
  • 60 minutes  $65      
  • 90 minutes  $95      
  • 120 minutes  $125     
  • Deep Tissue additional $15    

Craniosacral Therapy 

Is a type of body work that uses an exceptionally gentle touch to achieve profound results.  The primary aim is to enhance well being by releasing tensions and balancing the Craniosacral rhythm within the body. 

  • 15-60 minutes  $20 to $65       


A deeply relaxing treatment that will enable the whole body to feel good & stay healthy.  Applying relaxing & therapeutic techniques to work the main points of each foot for a general overall treatment to help release any energy blocks & enable the body to unwind & feel more calm.

  • 30 minutes  $35
  • 60 minutes  $60   

Detoxifying Body Wrap with Massage

Hydrates, detoxifies and provides metabolic stimulation. A nourishing mud mask is massaged into skin, and then secured with warm wrap. Helps relieve tension; relax body & increases energy level.

  • 90 Minutes  $95   

Infra Red Sauna 

This sauna uses a dry heat – helps to relax muscles, detoxifies body of impurities, and great for arthritis and chronic pain.  This can help relax muscles before your massage. 30 minute session is equivalent to running one mile for the cardiovascular system. 

  • 30 minute sauna ONLY  $15    
  • 30 minute sauna added to any massage  $10     

Dry Brushing 

Stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminating toxins.  

  • Added on to a massage  $5 

Light Therapy 

Living Sunshine-natural benefits of spending time in the sun without risks of damaging rays.  This is great in the winter months. 

  •   Added on to a massage  $10  

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*Services that are prescribed by a physician may be eligible for payment through Crusade Against Cancer funds.